As we welcome the scientific community back to ESAO 2022 with a long-awaited return to an in-person meeting, we continue to prioritize the safety of our participants and staff.

The organizers continuously monitor local and international guidelines and regulations relating to COVID-19. The changeable nature of the pandemic means that regular updates to this policy are necessary. We will inform all participants about necessary precautions and regulations via our website and during registration on-site. 

We will have a comprehensive on-site COVID-19 safety plan that consists of a range of precautions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Depending on the pandemic situation, the plan will be adapted if necessary, to ensure that it remains proportionate to the trajectory of the pandemic and to the latest developments. 

  • A COVID-19 testing regime may be in place. Free access to the COVID-19 screening program of the University for Continuing Education Krems will be provided wherever possible. If you test positive for COVID-19, please act responsibly and withdraw immediately from the conference. The conference team will be pleased to provide information, advice, and help.

  • A mask wearing policy, which will, as a minimum, comply with Austrian local and national regulations at the time of the event will be communicated and enforced for both staff and participants. FFP2 masks will be provided in all congress bags.