Emil-Bücherl-Award  for Life-time-achievement

Emil Bücherl – one of the founders of ESAO – was an outstanding personality in the area of artificial organs. He was a cardiac surgeon and a pioneer in the area of artificial heart support. As early as 1976, he could demonstrate the functioning of total artificial heart for about 120 days in a calf model. He and his team were also among the first who applied total artificial heart successfully in patient to bridge them to transplantation. In addition to his activities in cardiac support and transplantation, he was also involved in development cardiac pacemakers and other prosthetic devices for replacement of organs. Because of his important contributions to the area of artificial organs, the ESAO decided to present his most prestigious award named after Emil Bücherl to outstanding persons, who made life-long major contributions to the wider area of artificial organs and regenerative medicine.

Previous Awardees

  • 2023 Prof. Dr. Thomas Groth
  • 2021 Prof. Bernd Stegmayr, MD, PhD
  • 2018 Beat H. Walpoth, MD
  • 2015 Prof. Dr. Klaus Affeld
  • 2012 Prof. Dr. Jörg Vienken
  • 2010 Prof. Dr. Dieter Falkenhagen
  • 2009 Prof. Dr. Michel Jaffrin
  • 2007 Prof. Dr. Horst Klinkmann
  • 2005 Prof. Dr. Peer Portner
  • 2004 Prof. Dr. Daniel Loisance
  • 2003 Prof. Dr. Diego Brancaccio
  • 2002 Prof. Dr. Ernst Wolner