Chair: Prof. Jörg Vienken & Dr. Ulrich Baurmeister

ALBUNET has been established to investigate modifications of the albumin molecule and it´s in vitro and in vivo clinical consequences.

Mission Statement:

ALBUNET is a group of experts from basic research and applied medical science, both from academia and industry, working together with the focus on the functionality of the albumin molecule in various diseases and related in vitro and clinical therapies, such as hemodialysis, albumin-dialysis in liver therapies and the use of this protein in apheresis-treatments.


The goal of ALBUNET is to establish a cooperative research platform in order to deepen and spread the knowledge about albumin in basic and clinical science communities. The first public appearance of ALBUNET was at the Annual Congress of the European Society of Artificial Organs in Warsaw in 2016.

ALBUNET is seeking collaboration of other European medical networks, such as and, as well as all scientists from the European Society for Artificial Organs.