Tissue Engineering

Chair: Prof. Dr. Nuno Neves

Mission statement:

The working group will integrate and coordinate research, education and innovation activities in the field of tissue engineering, which combine biomaterials with cells for developing tissues and organs to regenerate tissues and organs undergoing failure caused by disease or by trauma.

The field of tissue engineering requires close interaction of a broad range of disciplines spanning for biomaterials science and engineering to biology and medicine. The working group will include experts from all these disciplines and will organize regularly:

  1. Symposia / sessions in various international conferences, including ESAO, TERMIS, Society for Biomaterials (USA) and others, to promote the research activities in the field.
  2. Training events for young researchers entering the field.
  3. Outreach activities to promote the activities of the group to a broader audience.

Contact email and phone: nuno@dep.uminho.pt;  ++351253510905