ESAO-IFAO Webinar October, 21st, 2021

  • ESAO-IFAO Webinar September 16, 2021 – LVAD therapy: clinical perspectives (Dr. Steven Jacobs, Belgium) / LVAD for FONTAN: animal research (Dr. Joeri Van Puyvelde, Belgium)
  • ESAO-IFAO Webinar June 17, 2021 – Application of micro-machining for evaluation of mechanical reaction of cell in vitro (Prof. Shigehiro Hashimoto, Japan)
  • ESAO-IFAO Webinar May 20, 2021 – Long-term Monitoring of Cardiac Assist Devices (Prof. Heinrich Schima, Austria) / Interpretation and Prediction of Complications from Routine Pump-Log-File-Recordings (MS Thomas Schlöglhofer, Austria) / Interaction Between the Circulation and the Pump (Dr. Christoph Gross, Austria)
  • ESAO-IFAO Webinar April 15, 2021 – Emerging applications of therapeutic apheresis to modulate inflammation (Prof. Viktoria Weber, Austria)
  • ESAO-IFAO Webinar March 18, 2021 – Research focused to improve prognosis for hemodialysis patients (Prof. Bernd Stegmar, Sweden) / Developing cellular models for use in precision medicine (Tino Vollmer, Germany)