About ESAO

About ESAO

  • Founded 1974 in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • The European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO) is a worldwide society to encourage and publish progress made in the field of artificial organs and allied spheres.
  • The ESAO serves over 400 members worldwide.

Aims of ESAO

  • Coordinate and develope research in Europe on organs support, replacement and regeneration based on artificial organs, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  • To promote scientific projects in the field of artificial organs and regenerative medicine
  • To promote young scientists
  • To affect ethical, regulatory guidelines and research policy of European Union on artificial organ support
  • To promote exchanges and establish ties with associations having similar aims in and outside Europe

Our activities include:

  • Organization of annual congresses
  • Organization of Summer & Winter Schools
  • Research & development of artificial organ technology in working groups
  • Scientific Awards
  • Promotion of collaboration between fundamental, clinical and applied research
  • Support of cooperation between scientists, engineers and clinicians with industry to promote development of new therapies and devices
  • Recommendations for ethical and social conduct in Artificial Organ treatment

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