Chairman: Marc Müller

Mission statement:

The Working Group Education aims to offer training for young scientists as well as for researchers in interdisciplinary field of Artificial Organs. This includes, but is not limited to, the organization of meetings in formats ensuring a high extent of interaction between the participants, and measures to support the exchange of students as well as the encounter of students with experienced researchers from different disciplines.
We will achieve these aims by:

  1. Organisation of Summer Schools and Winter Schools dedicated to topics in the field of Artificial Organs to support the exchange of knowledge and to promote collaboration in the highly interdisciplinary field of Artificial Organs.
  2. Initiation of joint applications at European level, such as initial training networks (ITN) for PhD students in the field of organ support, extracorporeal therapies, biomaterials, and regeneration.
  3. Joint publications, book chapters, or handbooks in the field of artificial organs.

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