Apheresis and Adsorption

Chair: Dr. Volker Witt

Mission Statement:

The working group is part of the World Apheresis Association (WAA) apheresis registry activity.

Participating members/centres that register data to the WAA registry (www.waa-registry.org) are adopted into the analyses of data and manuscript publications based on data recovered from the registry. Results are presented at the ESAO congresses during apheresis sessions. Participating members of the group are invited to make/and perform/ data analysis, publications and presentations. They are invited to become members of the ESAO as well as other mother societies of the WAA such as the ESFH (European Society For Haemapheresis) and ISFA (International Society For Apheresis).

The activity is at no cost for participating centres. Until now data of more than 70.000 apheresis procedures have been entered into the registry.

Invitation to join the working Group:

We invite all centres that perform therapeutic apheresis (including allogenic and autologous stem cell collection) in a global perspective to participate in the activities by applying for access through the home page:

Web address: www.waa-registry.org
Contact email and phone: volker.witt@stanna.at, +431401700