IJAO First Special Focus Issue on yESAO


No publication expenses;

Fast-track peer-review;

The paper topic must be on innovation and advancement made by young researchers (<35yrs) in the field of Artificial Organs;

The paper topic may not be presented at the ESAO congress or yESAO meeting;

ESAO and/or yESAO attendees can submit a paper as first author or co-author;

The yESAO Special Issue will be published within the end of March 2018 and its manuscripts will be regular articles that will be accounted for IF evaluation, therefore they will count for PhD student career;

How to submit your manuscript.

Next Meeting

  • Madrid, Spain, 11-12 September 2018 (coordinators: Alessandra Molteni, Marc Mueller; local organisers: Lucía Gullón, Judith G. Gutiérrez, Robert T. Sánchez del Arco)

Past Meetings

  • Vienna, Austria, 2017 (coordinators: Alessandra Molteni, Marc Mueller; local organisers: Martin Maw, Philipp Aigner)

yESAO meeting program Vienna 2017

  • Warsaw, Poland, 2016 (coordinators: Simon Sonntag, Tom Verbelen; local organisers: Jakub Palko, Anna Stecka, Krzysztof Zielinski)

yESAO program Warsaw 2016

yESAO conference highlights Warsaw 2016

  • Leuven, Belgium, 2015 (coordinators: Simon Sonntag, Tom Verbelen; local organisers: Libera Fresiello, Steven Jacobs, Tom Verbelen, Joeri Vanpuyvelde)

yESAO program Leuven 2015

yESAO conference highlights Leuven 2015

  • Rome, Italy, 2014 (coordinator: Arianna Di Molfetta; local organisers: Arianna Di Molfetta, Libera Fresiello)

yESAO program Rome 2014

yESAO conference highlights Rome 2014

  • Glasgow, UK, 2013 (coordinator: Arianna Di Molfetta; local organiser: Laurie Shedden)

yESAO program Glasgow 2013

yESAO conference highlights Glasgow 2013

  • Rostock, Germany, 2012 (coordinator: Francesco Moscato; local organiser: Heinrich Prophet)

yESAO program Rostock 2012

  • Porto, Portugal, 2011 (coordinator: Francesco Moscato; local organiser: Rogério Pirraco)

yESAO program Porto 2011

  • Skopje, Macedonia, 2010 (coordinator: Francesco Moscato; local organisers: Pavlina Dzekova, Igor Nikolov)

yESAO program Skopje 2010

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