Next Meeting

  • Madrid, Spain, 11-12 September 2018 (coordinators: Alessandra Molteni, Marc Mueller; local organisers: Lucía Gullón, Judith G. Gutiérrez, Robert T. Sánchez del Arco)

Abstract submission now open. Deadline May 18, 2018.  Guidelines on how to submit your abstract.

Registration now open:

yESAO meeting free to attend for ESAO congress attendees

or 20€ meeting registration fees and yESAO membership

Send an email to to register

Past Meetings

  • Vienna, Austria, 2017 (coordinators: Alessandra Molteni, Marc Mueller; local organisers: Martin Maw, Philipp Aigner)

yESAO program Vienna 2017

yESAO conference highlights Vienna 2017

  • Warsaw, Poland, 2016 (coordinators: Simon Sonntag, Tom Verbelen; local organisers: Jakub Palko, Anna Stecka, Krzysztof Zielinski)

yESAO program Warsaw 2016

yESAO conference highlights Warsaw 2016

  • Leuven, Belgium, 2015 (coordinators: Simon Sonntag, Tom Verbelen; local organisers: Libera Fresiello, Steven Jacobs, Tom Verbelen, Joeri Vanpuyvelde)

yESAO program Leuven 2015

yESAO conference highlights Leuven 2015

  • Rome, Italy, 2014 (coordinator: Arianna Di Molfetta; local organisers: Arianna Di Molfetta, Libera Fresiello)

yESAO program Rome 2014

yESAO conference highlights Rome 2014

  • Glasgow, UK, 2013 (coordinator: Arianna Di Molfetta; local organiser: Laurie Shedden)

yESAO program Glasgow 2013

yESAO conference highlights Glasgow 2013

  • Rostock, Germany, 2012 (coordinator: Francesco Moscato; local organiser: Heinrich Prophet)

yESAO program Rostock 2012

  • Porto, Portugal, 2011 (coordinator: Francesco Moscato; local organiser: Rogério Pirraco)

yESAO program Porto 2011

  • Skopje, Macedonia, 2010 (coordinator: Francesco Moscato; local organisers: Pavlina Dzekova, Igor Nikolov)

yESAO program Skopje 2010

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