About Us

Who we are

  • yESAO brings together young researchers driven by passion for Artificial Organs to produce innovation and advancement in the field
  • The young investigators are engineers, scientists and clinicians, together with undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students coming from different university laboratories, hospitals and companies

Mission Statement

  • The yESAO is an open network of young researchers in field of the artificial organs that fosters social contacts and stimulates friendships
  • It aims to use innovative methods to provide scientific support and practice-oriented education to scientists of all disciplines in their early career stages to improve their scientific outcome and push forward the knowledge of the society as a unit, in an enjoyable atmosphere without the limitations of conventional organisations


  • To exchange ideas and experiences, our main meeting is once a year on 2 days preceding the ESAO conference, and we offer forefront discussions, inspiring talks and stimulating workshop on a wide spectrum of topics.
  • Within the society, we support Webinars to share different scientific methods and solve technical challenges.
  • With the yESAO exchange program, exciting collaborations can be established and multiple projects have been successful
  • The social component is very important to us and the evenings before and during the yearly ESAO congress are always the perfect occasion to better know each other and have fun!